Dress Code:

The wearing of a CGI t-shirt is mandatory on trip days and will be available for purchase prior to the start of camp, . We suggest purchasing 2 shirts.

Personal Property

The Camp does not take responsibility for any personal items brought to camp.

Personal sports equipment such as baseball bats, hockey sticks, sports balls, etc will be stored by the counselor and used under staff supervision.

ABSOLUTELY NO illegal substances or weapons of any kind will be allowed on camp grounds. Camp reserves the right to conduct searches when we feel necessary.

Safety and Accreditation

CGI is a member of the American Camping Association. As an additional precaution, all counselors are trained in CPR and First Aid. The swimming pool is supervised at all times by certified lifeguards. When going on field trips, contact is maintained at all times with the camp office by means of mobile communication.

In case of a medical emergency, G‑d forbid, Family doctors (listed on the registration papers) and parents or guardians will be contacted immediately.

Security Procedures

A Director will be on the camp site all day.

Every counselor will be in constant communication with the main office via walkie-talkies.

Please call 772-485-5501 if you know your child will not attend camp. We request a phone call by 9:00 a.m. if absence is unexpected. This is a very important procedure to ensure that g-d forbid no parent has left a child in a heated vehicle.

In case of a major emergency, children will remain on campgrounds and will wait for parents to pick them up.


All medication to be administered during camp hours must be clearly marked with camper's name. Parents must discuss this with Directors & counselors before camp begins. A separate note containing dosage instruction and parent signature must be given to Director as well. All medication is kept in locked case, under directors care.

Camper Release

Parents wishing to have their child released during camp to anyone other than themselves or their designated substitute must make prior arrangements with the camp Director.

Extended Care

Extended pre and after care is available by making prior arrangements with our camp office. The charge for extended care is $6.00 per hour, to be charged in half-hour increments. Arrangements for extended care must be made in advance.
If you have not made prior arrangements for after care and you are running late for pickup, your child will automatically be put in after care from 3:45 and be charged for extended care. Please try to contact us and let us know.
Unscheduled after care will be $10.00 per hour. On the 2nd recurrence and will need to be paid immediately. Please contact us for more information

Your Child’s Belongings

Each child is assigned a cubby where he/she will keep his/her belongings during camp. Please send along a smock, an extra change of clothing for water activities and sunscreen (to remain in camp throughout the summer). Campers should either wear or have a pair of gym shoes in camp for sports activities. Please mark all swim gear, accessories, etc. with a permanent marker to avoid loss.
There is a special Lost & Found box for lost articles, which are distributed every Friday. Please alert us if your child has lost an article. The camp is not responsible for items lost during camp, but we will do our best to locate them.