Each of our summer programs are tailored to be age appropriate and flexible to serve the needs of each child. With each new year, children “graduate” to a higher division, where they encounter new adventures, excitement, and challenges, all built on the CGI hallmarks of safety, fun, and unconditional love.

Tiny tots (ages 4 and 3 based on registration)

Older devision-(ages 5-9)

Pioneers-(ages 10-12)

CIT-counselors in training girls (13-16)

Tiny tots (ages 4 and 3 based on registration)

Sometimes, little packages have big needs; like love, nurturing, play, and development. At CGI, our staff are warm and loving, and focus on developing your child’s motor skills and social interactions. From sports and outdoor play, to art and music, your little one’s will be showered with love, while will be cared for by trained specialists expanding their horizons in art, Gymnastics and more. Our flexible schedules, extended care and rest time makes this program the place you want your little one to be. Please note the 2 year olds have a separate room and a bit of a different program which is appropriate for their age they join the 3 & 4 year olds for curtain special activities.

Primary Program:
Our daily combination of Sports, Crafts, Swimming, Trips and Drama has children motivated, excited and on-their-toes. Summer highlights include, weekly trips, like water parks, and ice-skating, overnights and adventure programming for our Pioneers. To run our specialized programming, CGI employs professional instructors, artists and specialists, and offers a host of extra curricular activities and programs for the entire family.