Camp Gan Israel of Martin St. Lucie County is one of those special places you feel lucky to have found. It’s not just the best Jewish camp it’s the best CAMP on the Treasure Coast . My kids now 11 and 7 have been attending Gan Izzy for the past 7 years and just love it. They don’t want to leave at the end of the day when I pick them up and refuse to miss any days even when sick. We talk about their counselors, friends, things they did and sing camp cheers and songs all year long. My son still talks with regret about a field trip to the radio station he missed 3 years ago because he went to another camp that week. Never again! What makes the camp special has nothing to do with all the wonderful activities they have like, sports, field trips, swimming, crafts, challah baking, Shabbat celebration etc….. What makes it special is the staff. Rabbi and Daniella each year find incredible Jewish girls from all over the world who show our children such love and watch over them so closely, even better than I do sometimes. I also love that the whole family gets to be apart of the camp at the BBQ/sleepover and Shabbat dinner. Thank you Camp Gan Israel for all the wonderful memories and for helping to instill such a sense of Jewish pride in my children. To me that is priceless.
Jill Lebofsky

“A camp that blended so beautifully, Jewish learning, Creativity and a lot of fun-in our own backyard. Our expectation was just so greatly exceeded. Thanks for your loving dedication and devotion to our children"
Michelle Berghash

"It's offering something that was lacking in the community. My kids are still singing the songs."
Shari Tobias

"It reinforced his Jewish pride"
Faith Litvack

"All of you treat our children like precious gems, and for that I thank you."
Dorothy Kamm